Jason Biggs ‘ Twitter F*ckery After MH17 Tragedy

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 Jason Biggs ‘ Twitter F*ckery After MH17 Tragedy

Jason Biggs

One would think after a horrific tragedy that has affected the world internationally, a person would find it in his or her heart to have a sense of compassion for the people affected.  Apparently Jason Biggs, best known as Jim  from the American Pie movies, or more recently as Larry from OITNB,  took to Twitter to share his input on the situation. The actor has never been known to be very outspoken or controversial, so this whole debacle is definitely an eyebrow-raiser. 

After news unfolded of the Mh17 crash in Ukraine, people, public officials, and celebrities worldwide took  their respective social media accounts to express their sympathy and condolences to the families affected by this act of evil. Unlike his fellow celebs Jason  figured humor would be the best form of medicine in the healing process  regarding the shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. 

Man oh man , did he get it twisted.

“Anyone want to buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?”

He tweeted to his nearly 450,000 Twitter followers.

As with everything we post on social media,  it does not take long for f*ckery to become public and come to the  attention of the masses.

The slander and outrage, were as to be expected quick and fierce, but unlike  most backpedaling celebrities who opt to play the role of a victim in some sort of hacking, Biggs refused to shy away from heavy criticism.  Oh no, The Orange is the new Black Star preceded to transform into every bit of the witty ass he portrays on his popular TV show. 

Biggs added:

“Hey all you “too soon” assholes–it’s a f**king joke. You don’t have to think it’s funny, or even be on my Twitter page at all.” 

That’s that not all folks. Jason preceded to call all those who were offended female reproductive organs and even attacked TMZ for their post of him, which obviously boosted the visibility of the tweet. 









No matter what side you’re on, this lapse in judgement  brought forth a very silly story in the midst of very sad tragedy. If there is any lesson you can learn from Jason Bigg’s a**hole moment, it’s to remember that the moment you hit send on social media– it’s out there for the whole world to see.

Thoughts & prayers go out to those affected by this unspeakable tragedy.




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  1. Emily Kong

    July 22, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Ok…he is asking for all this negative attention. Sit down Jason, and log off Twitter.

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