Exclusive Interview: Flo from Bad Girls Club talks All-Star Battle, Natalie Nunn and More!

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Last Friday, EricaVain got a chance to talk with Bad Girl Flo about her upcoming role on Bad Girls All-Star Battle, her plans after the show, and what she has been up to. Flo is from the fourth season of Bad Girls Club. She also had a television special on her wedding called Flo Gets Married, which aired in 2011. Flo is known for her famous and sometimes brutal arguments and fights with her reality co-star Natalie Nunn. She is also remembered for her fight with Amber McWha, when she broke her ankle but continued to fight through the pain. The reality star is venturing out into new avenues away from the reality TV show that made her famous. Now that she is a mother certain aspects of life have changed—she now wants to be more involved with schools and bettering the community.

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All-Star Battle will have the top pick bad girls from the past ten seasons of BGC. The girls on the show have to win challenges to be safe from elimination. That definitely does not mean that the drama will be lacking. There will be plenty emotions running on high during this show. Even with the changes in her demeanor since season four of BGC aired, Flo is still hyped about her role on Bad Girls Club All-Star Battles, which premiered May 21.

Are you excited for the All-Star Battle?

Of course! I’ve been sitting doing nothing for like three years. It was time to do something you know what I mean?

What made you want to do the All-Star Battle?

Like I said, I wasn’t doing anything. And I have so much talent… like you don’t understand. I can sing, dance, rap. I’m a fucking awesome rapper. I have so much talent that I couldn’t let it go to waste. I have something to offer the show… So I said, why the hell not? I’m a badass I can do it. (Laughs.)

How is your daughter doing?

She is great. She is the reason I’m doing this. It’s even better… because now that I’m doing the show she gets to spend more time with her father. He is stepping up to the plate and watching her.

How has being a mother changed you?

It has changed me a lot, like it would any other mom. Now I have someone looking up to me. I have a child to worry about so I don’t come on TV and show my p**** and all that stuff acting all crazy because I know she is watching me.

What would you say to the other bad girls that are moms?

They already know, you have to watch yourself. You can’t go acting crazy because you have someone watching you… Someone looking up to your every move you know? Stay focused on what you want.

How are you and Natalie Nunn doing?

We are doing absolutely fine right now. Everyone compares us to a f***** up marriage. You know what I mean? We break up and get back together again, break up and get back together… we’re like Chris Brown and Rihanna… No, we are Chris Brown in Rihanna because I’m always beating her up all the time. (Laughs) That’s f***** up to say but it’s the truth. We keep going back to each other. But now we have gotten to that point where we gotta stay business mature and be smart about what we do because we can make a lot of money together. And we don’t have to hate on each other… me and Natalie are the top chicks on the Bad Girls Club. Anybody who wants to deny that… that’s fine. You can deny whatever you want. But me and her are the Bad Girls Club. When people think of the Bad Girls Club they either think my name or Natalie’s you know what I’m saying? So, at the end of the day… I have to befriend someone who is going to help me make money and I’m going to help her make money. And people can be like, “you’re fake” or “you’re phony.” It’s called forgiving and forgetting b****…. get over it.

Is Natalie your favorite bad girl besides yourself?

No, she is not my favorite bad girl. I don’t have a favorite bad girl. If I had a favorite bad girl I definitely wouldn’t be able to pick one because they are all so different in so many ways. You know what I mean? Everyone’s got their own personalities, attitudes and outlooks on life. Natalie and me have the same outlook on life and that’s getting money, getting paid, and making an industry out of the Bad Girls Club that we turned into a fucking multimillion dollar franchise. You’re welcome is all I can say. You’re welcome motherf******.

What are your plans after the Bad Girl’s Club All-Star Battle?

My plans are, they go a little something like this. Everyone is going to be like, ‘Ohh you’re writing book… Oh it’s funny she’s writing a book.’ No, when I write a book you’re not going to be able to put down the book. I’m telling you right now. Every page is going to be like, ‘Oh aah! Oh my god! Oh ahh.’ You know what I’m saying? Keep it straight, I’m a bad girl and I’m writing about my life story. I’ll tell you, things in there… you’ll never hear anywhere else. But um… besides the book I got the music going on. I also have uh… my T-shirt line going on. I’m also looking for someone I could work with on the T-shirt line and stuff like that. Anybody out there you do T-shirts or anything like that let me know and we’ll uh… we’ll do it together. You know what I’m saying? Off the T-shirts, my music. Music. I’m doing some stuff right now, working on some stuff trying to get it out before the show airs. You know you got to milk it for everything its worth. (Laughs.) There’s more. There is obviously a lot more like I have Bad Girls Against Bullying Organization that’s up that I’m the founder, or whatever you want to call me…founder or CEO whatever. It’s the “Bad Girls Against Bullying.” The website will be up soon. Where people can donate money and all the money will go to when I visit these schools and talk to young girls about bullying and stuff like that. Get them T-shirts made. You know what I mean and-and-and… Pictures and sign autographs. So that these girls have something to look forward to. You know, there is a lot more coming up. You don’t even know. On May 22 you can catch me on Good Morning America with Ray J doing an interview. And uh, May 21 you can catch the Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle.

How is it working with Ray J?

Ray J is great. He is actually an amazing person. He is a good person. He isn’t what everybody thinks he is. Some a**hole celebrity who’s all like ‘I’m better than you’….no. He is a sweetheart. He’s easy to talk to. He looked out a lot for me while I was on the show. Whenever I would be crying or get upset he would pull me to the side and be like ‘Flo talk to me. Tell me what’s going on?’ He is very caring person. I think everybody would like him being on Bad Girls Club because better to do such thing when he’s fucked the baddest girl and made her famous? You know what I’m saying? He’s banged the s*** out of the baddest girl, who people consider the hottest chick. So, I mean… He [should] be on the Bad Girls Club, it made a lot of sense.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I just want everyone out there to listen to the words about to come out of my mouth. I love you guys. You guys that people call the fans, I don’t call you my fans, I call you my people. Cause you always got my back. I love you guys for everything you do and I hope you guys know that I am always here for you. And if I make it, I’m successful I will go around to everyone and help out as many people as I can. I will be the ghetto Mother Teresa. That is my AKA nickname. And I am a ghetto Mother Teresa and I will go around and take care of the suburbs, the ghetto, Jamaica, everything if I can! I love you guys. So keep supporting me. I promise you I will do the right thing with my ‘celebrity power.’

Where can we find you?

Every Tuesdays at 8pm my radio show “BlogTalkRadio/GoWithTheFlow Radio.” You need to tune in because it’s always about topics that everyone can relate to. You know, I want your opinions, your advice. Anything you have to say. Just call in. It’s freaking Hilarious. We talk about sex, everything in detail. So, call in and listen to your girl talk for like two hours straight!


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