Henry Cavill says he avoided food to look better for shirtless scenes in ‘Man Of Steel’

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Is this a case of manorexia?

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill recently opened up about how he prepared for his role as the new Superman.

Cavill not only read all the comic books before filming, but also took some drastic measures to make sure his body was in tip-top shape as well, according to The Huffington Post.

At the film’s premiere, Cavill revealed to The Gossip Table that he “stopped eating” at one point while filming,

I ate a lot and worked out like a fiend. But then, only for the shirtless scenes, I really stopped eating.

This revelation comes after Cavill recently told Details Magazine about his weight struggles as a boy. The actor said he changed his eating habits and lost weight after landing a role in The Count of Monte Cristo in 2002.

But, it seems as though Cavill’s hard work and dedication has paid off in the end. Man of Steel, which hit theaters in the U.S. June 14, has received outstanding reviews and a sequel is already in production!


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