Hang on Jamal! Empire Season 2 Episode 17, Rise By Sin

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With only one episode left, season 2 of Empire is finally coming to a close. As sad as we all are to see the Lyon’s go, the show has been renewed for a third season (of course)! The release date has yet to be confirmed, but when I know you’ll know Empire fans. Let’s try to keep our heads up as we discuss what unfolded in Wednesday night’s episode, because it’s still hard to believe.

I really hope Jussie Smollett isn’t leaving us, I don’t think we could handle the death of Jamal. It was very brave of him to step in front of the bullet for Lucious and very surprising, considering everything Lucious said to him earlier, but let’s back up and retrace the events leading up to the shooting.

Everyone is getting ready for the ASA Awards and the Lyon’s are preparing to make their big debut as a family on the big stage.

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Hakeem and Laura seem to be in a good place and so do Lucious and Cookie. Are they getting just a little too friendly with each other? Also, Rhonda is finally on to Anika and her red bottom shoes, fans can’t wait to see Anika finally get what she deserves.

Later, Lucious says probably the worst thing he has said to Jamal since the show started and he has said some unforgiving things in the past.  Upon catching Jamal and Derek aka D-Major in a comprising position in the studio, D-Major responds in anger and acts as if he is disgusted that Jamal would come on to him. D-Major abruptly leaves the studio, but not before threatening to kill Jamal if he tries that again. Lucious makes a slick comment saying “I guess D-Major is still on the down low,” shocked to know that Lucious knows of D-Major’s double life, Jamal enters into a heated argument with his dad.

Lucious is not only upset that Jamal is gay (which he has made abundantly clear), but he is also upset that Jamal is allowing Derek to treat him as nothing more than his “dirty little secret.” Jamal and Lucious throw major shade at each other, Jamal calling out Lucious for being afraid of his mother and Lucious re acting by grabbing Jamal and almost punching him in the face. The scene ends with Lucious telling Jamal that he is nothing more than a disappointment that will die from aids. OUCH! Those words definitely cut deep, I think I had to walk away from the television for a moment and catch my breath.

Back in the Empire conference room, Cookie tries to warn Carol about getting too close with a fed that is clearly out to bring down her empire. Carol calls Cookie a boyfriend stealer and expresses how Lucious was her man first. Cookie responds by calling Carol a “crackhead” and uninvited her to the ASA’S

A couple hours before the Awards is about to begin, Andre takes it upon himself to bring grandma Lyon to the event, but once again Lucious is always one step ahead. Rusty and his goons show up before they make it out the door and lock Andre and Lucious’ mother in the emergency room of the house.

EMPIRE: Guest star Leslie Uggams in the "Rise by Sin" episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOX

Fast forwarding to the Aces, Cookie goes as Lucious’ date and Carol shows up drunk and belligerent. Before security can escort Carol off the premises, she blurts out to Freda that the only reason she is a part of the Empire family is because Lucious feels bad about killing her father, Frank Gathers. This sends Freda into a rage; she grabs a gun from the security officer and aims it at Lucious. As she pulls the trigger, Jamal jumps in front of the bullet and at this very moment every Empire fan screams out NO! Jumping off our couches, throwing the remote at the TV in disbelief as we see Jamal lying there covered in blood.

The writers wouldn’t do this to us, would they? Well next week is the season finale, where we will find out if Jamal lives, did Lucious’ mom just blow up his world, will Anika finally be exposed and who is getting married! Until next time.

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