Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE – Rock Bottom [Video]

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American singer Hailee Steinfeld and pop-rock band DNCE with lead vocalist Joe Jonas, create a passionate video that shows the love-hate relationship between Hailee and her love interest. The song and video show similarity to Demi Lovato’s 2009 hit song “Here We Go Again” where she too shows just how hard it is to let someone you love go. Steinfeld and DNCE did a great job of reaching their audience with this video; everyone enjoys a good love story. The song is full of heartbreak, passion, love, lust and it is shown through the video. She and her love interest clearly cannot let go of each other, even though their relationship is toxic. In the lyrics, Steinfeld sings “you’re the best kind of bad something,” as she looks into his eyes knowing he is no good for her, but she’s unable to let go. The video takes an amazing turn as she and DNCE take the stage at a local bar, singing out their feelings in front of a crowd of people. The music video ends with Hailee running out of the taxi into the guy’s arms and closes with a romantic kiss in the rain. The video was engaging and every scene went with the song. We always can expect the best when Hailee Steinfeld and DNCE work together. Check out the video for “Rock Bottom” below.

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