Gossip with @HipHopSocialite: Why Did Benzino Cast a Joseline Hernandez Look-a-like in his New Video?

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On a recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, viewers witnessed what may have been the end of the friendship between Stevie J and Benzino after Stevie’s girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez, accused Benzino of saying he slept with her.


Instead of shying away from the drama, Benzino made it the focal point of his new song, “Animal/Smashed The Homie”, by casting a Joseline look-a-like for the video, which was shot over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. A member of Benzino’s camp told me exclusively, “They [Benzino and Stevie J] haven’t made up yet, and because Joseline believes that Benzino really said he slept with her, then he’s going to make it true. So he made a song called ‘Smashed The Homie.'”

By: Mara, The Hip-Hop Socialite

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