Gossip Girl Tv Review

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in season 4 opener bestfriends, blaire(played by leighton meester) and serena (played by blake lively) are on a well deserved break from college life in the oh so glamorous paris. serena’s getting a chance to live the single life, after a break up with her off and on boyfriend nate in last season’s finale. blaire suffered a more messy breakup last season. her long time lover, charles bass jr, aka chuck, was about to confess his love for her for the millionth time but in his fear of her standing him up, he slept with jenny humphrey (blaire’s wannabe whose still in high school). in a rage blaire banished her from newyork & little jenny ran away to go stay with her mother. Dan, jenny’s older brother, & serensa’s ex-ex boyfriend (oh yes, its on of those shows) finds out after sleeping with the towns troublemaker Georgina, she’s pregnant with his baby. the baby is born and summer is coming to an end but no one knows, atleast not until georgina airs it out at a public affair where everyone was shocked. but just when you think she might act like she has some sort of sense for the sake of her baby, she takes off while dan’s asleep leaving him to fend for their child. well, we’re not quite sure its dan’s child yet so stay on your toes. just when you think the opener couldnt have gotten any better, nate (played by chase crawford) finds a friend in a new girl in town who just so happened to host a party he attended. innocent right? wrong! this girl knows a little too much about everyone & looking at her dozens of snap shots & news articles of nate & his friends this leads viewers to think “could she be gossip girl?! and “nate is in sooo much trouble if he starts dating her!”. watch next week to see more!

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