Gigi and Bella Hadid Pose Together for V Magazine

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Supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid were featured on the cover of V Magazine for it’s fall preview 2015 issue. Shot by Steven Klein, this duo was giving “double trouble” for this spread with their matching Joan Jett-like haircuts, dark sultry makeup, and bondage-inspired lingerie. I guess you could say there was emphasis on the “trouble”.


Initially, the sisters teased this photoshoot by posting a photo on Steven Klein’s Instagram of them laid out on the ground on top of colorful fur wearing all black with matching thigh-high boots and cut-out bodysuits.


The cover was finally unveiled showing the two wearing more revealing matching get ups and yet in contrasting colors.


Bella on the left with her dark blue-black hair is wearing a powder blue choker bra and underwear with a matching fur coat and white Christian Louboutins.. While a blonde Gigi has on on a similar look but in all black with her coat loosely tied and black Louboutins. Both are seen next to each other leaning up against a green sportscar and the cover line being — “No, you’re not seeing double! Just trouble!”

Interviewed by legendary model China Machado, Gigi and Bella discuss the complexities of being in the industry and the “mean girl” stereotypes that has been connoted with models for years. The sisters go on to explain, “There are some people who are mean at times, but I think generally we are in a generation of models where it’s becoming normal to support each other, and I think it’s really different. We’re lucky to be in that generation of girls where we’re really pushing for girl power and supporting each other and being friends with everyone. And I think it’s becoming less cool to be like the catty models that we’ve all heard the stories about.”

As for cattiness between the Hadids, they stress they would never fight over the same guy.  “No, never. We would never touch the same person,” says Bella. And Gigi agrees, “We don’t have the same type.”
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