Freedom for Arizona Mother Detained in Mexico

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Sometimes, bad things happen without any purpose at all.

Yanira Maldonado unfairly experienced what it was like to be in a Mexico prison. The Arizona mother was traveling by bus over the border back to the USA after visiting for a funeral for a member of her family. Her husband was with her. During the border crossing, the Mexican border guard looked under her seat and found 12 pounds of marijuana. She was detained, but not charged with a crime. For nine days she was held in a Mexican prison in contact with representatives of the United States.

Mrs. Maldonado is a mother of seven and a devout Mormon. During her time in prison, she was able to find the Book of Mormon and share her faith with her fellow inmates. Many times during her incarceration, she was quoted to have said, “my spirit is good” but fears “her children need me.” Originally set for a hearing last Wednesday, the soldiers involved in her case failed to appear. If she was set to actually be tried, she would have to be sent to another prison and wait multiple months until she would finally be given a trial.  Luckily, this didn’t happen.

Before midnight last night, Mrs. Maldonado was released without strings attached to her waiting husband outside her prison. Security tapes around the bus stop where Mr. and Mrs. Maldonado boarded the bus showed them with only a blanket, water bottles, and her purse with little to no room to be able to successfully sneak the 12 pound bag of marijuana on board with them. Yanira says she’s extremely excited to see her kids again and while she does plan on visiting her family in Mexico again, she would prefer not having to travel across the border for at least a little while.

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