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So Today to Mark the Launch of www.EricaVain.com I took to my BlogTalkRadio show!!! I was able to catch up with Heartbreaker and Platinum from the second season of For the Love of Ray J !!! And I cannot forget to mention Blonde Baller from Real Chance of Love!! She is so freakin awesome… ?I Officially declare her one of my V.ITCHES!!! She co-hosted my Radio show with me and kept the ball rolling.. (Pun Intended). With a few technical difficulties shortening the show I was not able to fit in all of my confirmed guess but be sure that soon I will be back on the mic with Mz. Berry, Exotica, Flossy, Paradeez, Calienete and Luscious.

Anyway Back to Platinum & HeartBreaker:

Platinum: For the Love of Ray J Season 2

Platinum: For the Love of Ray J Season 2

Platinum made it clear to all that was listening and called in that it was definitely more to the Flossy Situtaion. She stated that even though the editing made it seem as though ?Flossy talking about Heartbreaker being a striper was the main focus, Flossy had crossed the line in the house discussing things about everyone which were of a private and personal matter. So when you are competing in a game of love against however many other women how low is to low? How far is too far?? Blonde Baller Chimed in (of course since she was the resident snitch on her show) that all is fair basically until you bring up people not involved in the situation or people who are not there to defend themselves like others children and family members…. What kind of ass hole goes in on people kids!!!! UGHHHH!!!!
So to my understanding Flossy deserved her ass whipped even though we were unable to see all of her bullshit on screen. She should be thanking Heartbreaker for only throwing the drink in her face. That is just my oppionion from speaking with both Platinumm and Heartbreaker.
HeartBreaker: For the Love of Ray J 2

HeartBreaker: For the Love of Ray J 2

Now once I finally talk to Flossy maybe I will see a different light but right now Im going with she is lucky reality tv has a “no kicking bitches ass” clause in these ladies contracts!!! You all Can follow Heartbreaker (@vh1heartbreaker) and Platinum (@vh1splatinum) On Twitter… They are both very interesting girls. Heartbreaker is into singing and I will bring you a song from her shortly….. These two are ?EricaVain Approved V.itches… I LOVE IT!!!



yes Blonde baller was the resident snitch on her season of Real Chance of Love but real talk wouldn’t you be too? If you were competeing with other women for the adoration of a possible suitor I doubt that many of yall would refrain from pulling up all the stops to get closer to the top. I am annoyed at the fact that Blondeballer was hated on for “playing the game”

Chance said that he doesn’t like snitches while in last episode Ray J condones Flossy’s similar actions. I say Fuck the Dumb Shit…. If you are competing and a bitch is dumb enough to speak to her competition about incriminating things then go run telling on the mountain. Cause at the end of the day the point is to get everyone out the house while building a strong and lasting relationship….

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