Is the Feud Between Chris Brown and Drake Finally Over?

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Is the Feud Between Chris Brown and Drake Finally Over?

After the 2014 ESPYS, it seems that the feud between Chris Brown and Drake might officially be over.

One of the funniest parts of the awards show was the skit in which Blake Griffin and host Drake battled out whether their segment should be called “Blake and Drake” or “Drake and Blake.” 

The skit somehow ended up in a surgery room, in which Chris Brown was holding surgical tools and appeared to say he was going to perform the appendectomy on Drake instead of an actual surgeon. He then yelled “YOLO motherf–ker,” before putting him under.

The screen went dark, and Blake Griffin and Chris Brown, self-described as “America’s sweetheart,” showed up onstage. On the screen behind them, Drake was gagged and tied up in hostage form. 


The whole skit was hilarious and everyone loved the inclusion of Chris Brown.

Since their major feud, that took place in a NYC nightclub in 2012, it seems that Brown and Drake have finally made amends. According to Us Weekly, the two hung out in the studio together, and they got along great during rehearsals for the ESPYs. 

We are glad to see they have made peace with each other!

Watch the video of the Blake vs Drake skit here 

– Olivia Guidera

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