Exclusive Interview: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s K. Michelle Talks Dating, Keyshia Cole Comparisons, The Industry

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If you think you know everything there is to know about K. Michelle think again. The star of VH1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is unleashing all there is to know about who she is and what you can expect to learn about her life, love and music.  Giving the most raw and real answers ever in an interview K. Michelle dishes about her feelings of  whats considered underrated, her cast mates, and her comparison to Keyshia Cole. Check out this exclusive EricaVain interview and discover the real K. Michelle, the chick behind the mic and now in front of  the camera.

 EV: It’s been swirling around that you are working on a mix tape can you tell us about that

K. Michelle: Well it’s been a minute since I put out some music, some Im just preparing and getting ready to put everything together. But yes I am working on a mixtape and it will come out in the midst of the show and after that im going to finally put out and album EP as well and that will be the make up for the absence of the music. Im just trying to make everything right for my music

 EV: A lot of people don’t know that you’re classically trained, can you tell us a little bit about your artistry/music style

 K. Michelle: I have always defined my music as honest music, and music that people can relate to. As far as me being an instrumentalist that is something that I am going to start bringing to the forefront

EV: Now that you are starring in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, what made you decide to go the reality tv route?

 K. Michelle: My team really wanted me to take this opportunity to really tell my story.

EV: What can the viewers and your fans expect to see from you on the show?

K. Michelle: You will see me talk about my music, life, dating, you will see me trying to get a lot of things back together in my life.

EV: In your bio you say that “I’m the biggest advocate for myself” considering how VH1 has other shows like Basketball Wives and their  portrayal of drama how will you uphold your statement when it comes to controversy on camera

 K. Michelle:I don’t care, and that’s not my issue.  I don’t feel any pressure, I’m not no role model; I can’t raise your child, I have my own child to raise, so as far as basketball Wives and their situation they have their own issues. And the whole notion of black women looking bad I feel like just because you may not do it on tv you do it at home so I don’t let that pressure bother me, I’m true to myself, I’m an advocate for myself and if im living my life you can look at it learn from it and take from it, but it’s not for me to raise your child on tv, and I tell them when something is wrong through my music. But I’m not going to not be me just because the cameras started rolling in order to keep up an image

EV: When you initially came out there were a lot of comparisons of you to Keyshia Cole, how do you feel about that now? In what way do you hope the show will help showcase your music?

 K. Michelle: I want everyone to see that it is a lot of different music that I do, it’s not just one type of music, its where you are in your life and to I sing about where I’m at, on the comparisons to Keyshia I can relate because she is very honest with her singing. I recently had a long conversation with her because people kept comparing us and we had a really long conversation about that and I believe I gained a really great friend within the industry.  It’s all about where you are, sometimes I want to sing a country song and other days I want to do R&B, so i just want everybody to know that on the show I am who I am. I have seen different things and I know what I want.

 EV: How’s your relationships with some of your cast mates, are their people that you knew prior to signing up for the show, or was everybody new to you?

K. Michelle: Yes I knew the ladies,  I like my cast members, you don’t get along with everyone all the time but I do like them/ I think they are a bunch of strong women that have their own personal issues and I think it’s good that their willing to let people see inside their lives.  And we really don’t have any cast members that are closed off and not willing to be themselves

EV: Since Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a spin off from the original New York cast do you feel any type of competition

K. Michelle: No, I love the New York cast, but we are our own cast and we have a completely different show, it’s nothing parallel at all.

EV: How is K Michelle’s love life, are you in a relationship, dating, or testing the water?

 K. Michelle: Im testing the waters. Im just trying to make the right decision and just like everything in my life im just trying to take it slow and do the right thing.

 EV: Knowing how talented you are and how powerful your voice is do you consider yourself underrated compared to the people around you and in the same genre as you?

 K. Michelle: This business is a piece of shit so I really don’t care, they say your underrated but the question is who is rating the people, a bunch of talentless people. So if I was a compliment to be somewhat underrated  around a bunch of talentless people the people that they think are talented are wack as shit. So it doesn’t affect me, I know my gift, I know people have their own opinion, it use to bother me but now its all about being a business woman, making myself happy, and no one  has to put a title on how talented I am.

EV: Whats your favorite color?

K. Michelle: Blue

EV: Who’s your favorite artist right now?

 K. Michelle: Kanye West

EV: What was the last movie that you watched and loved?

K. Michelle: I can’t even answer that, I haven’t been to the movies in forever (laughs)

 Check out the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiering Monday at 9pm


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