Exclusive Interview: Jessie T Usher Talks ‘Survivors Remorse’ Great Story, Cast and More

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Jessie T Usher Talks 'Survivors Remorse'-Erica-VainSurvivors Remorse on Starz is my new favorite binge worthy show, so it should be no surprise that I had to catch up with its star, Jessie T. Usher who plays Cam Calloway. Cam is a professional basketball player drafted in a major deal to Atlanta’s basketball team. Cam is seemingly the Lebron James of the league as brands, teams and more glamour for their piece of the young phenom. Aside from the electrifying story, you can’t help but get drawn into each actor who plays the characters of the Calloways. Jessie’s clear focus, fresh and fun nature shines right through Cam. Check out what Jessie had to say about this pivotal role and dope cast.

What was it like working with such an amazing ensemble cast. 

“It is humbling, that is for sure. At the same time there is an indirect amount of pressure from working with these guys. They are all so nurturing. They all want to help and to share their knowledge to show you how to make life easier but not slacking off at the same time. I was all in from the beginning so it works out in a great way. Everyone brings something completely different to the table, everyone has such incredible experiences. They are all season vets to say the least, they are incredible, talented and you cannot help but pull from that. Being on camera, being in the same room with them, changes how I perform.”

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What advice have you received from your cast mates while working on Survivors Remorse?

“There was always little things here and there, especially with Tichina. Tichina plays my mom in the show and she sort of acts as my mom, a lot of the times, on and off camera. There is a lot she is extremely helpful with. She explained how important it was to make sure I take care of myself first. And of course, there is the pressure that builds up and you want to please everyone else, but you cannot do that if you are not in control of what happens to you, so she is always there for me for that. A lot of times, she will have us focus on what will really help us to portray the characters the best way. We are always there to kinda push each other and to piggyback of of each other whenever anyone one of us need help.”

What made you decide to sign on to “Survivor’s Remorse”?

“For me personally, it was the writing honestly. I got the script early enough to take a look at it and kinda have an idea to what the show was about, like what my character was going to be like. Actors always want to portray characters that are going to do good things for you as an actor. And a lot of time we take a lot of risky roles but with Cam there is no risk with that and it can only be positive. He is such a positive person to portray. It would be really hard for someone to come up and say ‘I hate Cam.’ You know so that is always a good thing. So to that in consideration, I was all for it.”

Jessie T Usher Talks 'Survivors Remorse'Knowing the stigma that is placed on professional athletes, what would you say is the creator’s main takeaway for the audience?

“Its originally, Maverick’s project, his idea, that he pitched out. And of course, him being close to Lebron, obviously ties him to the project whether he wanted to be executive producer or not. I think what they really want for people to take away from the show is the peek behind the curtain to the life of that level of professional athlete. I mean there is tons and tons of people in the NBA, there is only a few mega super stars and that is sort of what Cam is. Everybody thinks they have an idea of Lebron and who he is, and nobody has an idea. Really, very few people (know), so it will shed some light on that. Shows how real these people are. They are just real people and make real people mistakes. Although, the degree maybe a degree higher because they live this incredible, elaborate lifestyle or now they are public figures so now they are going to be a little bit different. But for the most part, they are just like us. And I think that is what they want you to really see.”

Jessie T Usher Talks 'Survivors Remorse'-EricaVainWhat can we look forward to in season 2 of Survivors Remorse?

“You know in season one, they did a lot of introductions to who the characters are. They dug a little deeper and showed us who the characters are made of. Bonds and relationships were created that some of the audience may like or hate. Then in the season finale, they kinda shake that whole fish bowl up a little bit. So in season 2, look for how things are going spill out. It gets a little crazy in the season finale. There is a whole lot that blew my mind in the season finale. I thought I knew what was coming, but the doors are so wide open right now. There is really nothing this family cannot do. Together there is nothing they cannot achieve. I think in season two they are going to show just how far they can really go.

If you haven’t had a chance to get familiar with Cam Calloway and the rest of the family check them out on Starz now. Season 1 has six episodes and is definitely binge worthy. Just be prepared, we have to wait a bit for Season 2 and you will get hooked from episode 1.

Do you want to know more about Jessie T. Usher? Like if he is single, does he cook and all that jazz? Check back here on January 5th for part 2 of our exclusive interview and get to know the rising star!

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. 

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