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EMPIRE Season 3 Episode 1

Well, we now know who went over the balcony. Rhonda dies a terrible death in the EMPIRE Season 3 opening episode. The drama doesn’t stop there as Andre has to quickly shift from trying to kill Boo Boo Kitty to getting her to the hospital as the murder just sent her into early labor.  Hakeem misses the birth as he goes running to Teonnah after Laura jilts him at the alter.  He confesses his love for her after showing up at her house after the wedding from hell but I doubt Hakeem is back on the one woman train.

empire-season-3-episode-1-life-in-darkness-recap-erica-vain-1Andre gives up on God. (I’m just going to sit this here)

Lucious feeds Boo Boo Kitty the story as she delivers the youngest little lioness. Somehow Anika manages to get out of the murder, a baby who is in line to inherit the Lyon legacy and a new residency in Lucious’ mansion so that she doesn’t get harassed by Tariq over this federal indictment. Not sure about how this will work out with Lucious dementia having vengeful mother under the same roof but we will see.

Birdman and French Montana make special guest appearances ushering in the idea of the Tidal equivalent Empire X Stream. Lucious proposes they give their catalogs exclusively to his new streaming service and the two hip hop stars begin to barred him about how EMPIRE is a sinking ship. That is hard to believe as the episode progress we get introduced to more new and amazing talent which are at EMPIRE’s disposal.

EMPIRE Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Xhibit, playing Shyne, joins EMPIRE bringing the heat this season with demands and true talent. His dynamic with Lucious will be one of the most intriguing stories to watch this season.

Cookie figures out how Tariq got in and it was through Carol and Candace. Somehow this season Cookie needs to get her sisters in line and get them to trust and respect her as they should. empire-season-3-episode-1-life-in-darkness-recap-erica-vain-2

If we are drawing straws on which Lyon has it worse I would say the Andre straw is by far the winner. Yes Jamal was shot and Hakeem has been jilted, Cookie’s heart is broken but Andre lost his baby and his wife in less than 6 months. His crazy is going to spiral outta control. Thank God Jamal saw his little episode.

Tariq apparently planted a nanny cam in the baby’s nursery, so even though the family escaped the disrespectful dinner with him, they are not out of the woods with the investigation.

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