Empire Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Fires of Heaven’ #Empire

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Lucious’ arrogance may get him in even more trouble. Just a gut feeling you have while watching him slither and crawl out of every negative situation he finds himself in. He is out of jail but banned from stepping foot into the EMPIRE building. Cookie is in for a doozie being business partners with her reckless youngest son, Hakeem, as he cannot seem to wrap his mind around the idea of taking orders or advice from anyone. While out promoting his leaked album on Sway in

Cookie crashes Lucious' party.

Cookie crashes Lucious’ party.

the Morning, Hakeem commits to bringing his new latina girl group Menage Trios on the morning show later on in the week. That gives Lyon Dynasty about 3 days to get the girl group together, record a track and have them performance ready. Exactly, working with Hakeem is going to be a chore in an of itself.

Jamal starts to realize that he may not be the apple of Lucious’ eye as he as seemed to start to assume. Lucious is just as blind to the talent, loyalty and love Jamal possesses as ever, well at least that is how it appears at the start of the episode. Frida, Frank Gathers, daughter comes in to be signed and Lucious tells Jamal to make sure she gets signed stating “She is everything to me musically”. Little did Jamal know his plans were to have Frida pinoneer the smaller indie label, Gutter Records, aquired by Empire not sell her as the holy grail to Empire itself. Lucas has to be a little more clear about these things, even I was confused.

Empire Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Fires of Heaven’ #Empire

Lucious throws himself a party, starring Pitbull and Jamal.

Lucious throws himself a party, starring Pitbull and Jamal.

Pitbull and Timbaland guest star on this episode — a trend of dope, current and popular musical guest stars is something this series does well. Cookie takes over Lucious’ welcome home party interrupting Pitbull and Jamal’s performance with Hakeem and Timbaland. If it’s one thing you can give Cookie its her knack for theatrics and a hot performance, did you see that outfit she was wearing?

Timbaland makes a guest appearance during Hakeem's performance.

Timbaland makes a guest appearance during Hakeem’s performance.

Lucious somehow is able to convince Jamal not to go back to Cookie for music production and steals Lyons Dynasty latina girl group lead all in one swift swoop. Throughout the episode Jamal was struggling to find a home with the right producer to helm his new album. He is convinced Cookie is the only one that can help but Lucious intervenes.Lucious takes the tip brought to him by Andre and buys APEX radio effectively stopping Cookie and her company from playing on 200 urban radio stations nationwide that now fall under the EMPIRE umbrella.  In reference to Lyon Dynasty’s promising girl latina group, this acquisition stops them dead in their tracks. At the time the girls were suppose to perform on Sway’s Morning show Lucious appears to announce the news and debut his solo artist which happens to be the lead singer formally of Menage Trois.

Hakeem performs a new track for Lucious.

Hakeem performs a new track for Lucious.

The saddest part of the entire tragic story is that Cookie and Lucious are still at odds when its beyond clear that they are better together. Nope, I lied, the saddest part of this episode is the flashback to Lucious’ childhood where we see his mother. This is the second flashback in the series which shows more of Lucious schizophrenic mother, a storyline I look forward to learning more about.

Few questions for you though:

  1. Do you think Lucious is wrong for not taking Andre back at Empire?
  2. Do you think Lyons Dynasty will succeed?
  3. Can Cookie actually work with Anika to take down Lucious?

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