Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Vogue Photo Shoot Gets Messy

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Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Vogue photo shoot gets messy

Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Vogue shoot for the September Issue turned the actor into a modern-day James Dean. One image on the Teen Vogue website shows a make-up artist applying make-up in the form of artificial dirt to the 22-year old actor’s face and transforming the Teen Wolf star into a dusty, grimy-but-in-a-good way mechanic. O’Brien has been nailing more and more photo shoots like this and magazine covers since the TV show “Teen Wolf” debuted in 2011. His character, Stiles, on “Teen Wolf” has been a fan favorite since day one, but he has since been making a splash in the movie industry with “The First Time” in 2011, ‘The Internship” in 2013 and his upcoming lead role in “The Maze Runner.”

“The Maze Runner” is an adaptation of the YA thriller by James Dashner and shot in an astounding 8 weeks. Dylan talks about his experience filming Baton Rouge, Louisiana inside a former Sam’s Club,

“If we pull it off, people will be like, ‘How the hell did they do that?’… This will forever be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

O’Brien also expresses his love of action movies like Indiana Jones and his excitement in being part of an action-thriller movie, but gets introspective in the On-set video of the photo shoot. He compares his two most famous character, Stiles from “Teen Wolf” and Thomas from The Maze Runner. According to O’Brien in his one-on-one interview: Stiles and Thomas both are very smart and have heroic tendencies, but their individual personalities are very different. Stiles has a very outward energy while Thomas is more reserved when thrown into this very different environment.

O’Brien is currently dating Britt Robertson, whom he met on set of The First Time, and is set to present the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards airing on August 24th. For the  Teen Vogue September Issue, Dylan will be sharing the spotlight with Kendall Jenner. She will be gracing the cover of Teen Vogue while Dylan can be found within the pages.


– Elizabeth Ovieda

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