Dreamy McMug Shot Getting Tattoo Removal and A Second Chance at Life?

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Dreamy McMug Shot Getting Tattoo Removal and A Second Chance at Life?

When Jeremey Meek’s attractive mug shot went viral, people on Twitter and Facebook commented about his good looks, blowing up Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page with almost 5,000 shares, 12,000 comments and 40,000 likes.

Model agencies want a piece of Meeks too, claiming a face like that could make $30,000 a month doing high-fashion gigs. In fact, agencies are looking for gangster types, claiming it’s a popular look right now.

So why not hit up jails for the real thing? Sarcasm.

LaserAway has announced they are offering free tattoo removal to the inmate, as well as $20,000 towards his $900,000 bail. Apparently agencies can’t hire models with teardrop tattoos. Who would have thought?

But should Meeks really be getting special treatment because of his dashing good looks?

The Twitter-famous criminal was arrested for illegal possession of firearms, gang activities, carrying loaded firearms in public, and violating his probation.

If you’re looking for a bad boy, this guy has the looks and the credentials. But at almost $1 million, he’s a pricey.

Unfortunately for the women wanting to gang-bang this inmate, Meeks has a wife who is quite unhappy about the situation.

A source close to her has spoken out about her frustration, saying people don’t understand that this is real life, and the explicit tweets about her husband’s good looks are disrespectful to the situation.

The fact of the matter is: Meeks could have a major second chance at creating a new life for himself. He has all the connections he needs to start a professional career and leave his life of crime– if he behaves himself and finds a way to come up with the bail money.

But will he?

And should we as a society advocate the release of prisoners based on attractiveness?

What do you think, VAIN readers?


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  1. PaulW

    June 30, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    This is unfortunate. There is a serious problem when a criminal can get away with a crime just by looking good.

    The perfect crime is being model level attractive. That way you can cast doubt.

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