Diddy and Drake Are Cool Again

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The Toronto rapper, Drake, and NYC mega mogul, Diddy,  have made up, finally! Apparently, a phone call took place last month to facilitate the beef being squashed as the two Hip Hop Stars are scheduled for quite a bit of money making endeavors (i.e music festivals, parties, concerts, i.e) in which they will cross paths and/or be forced to be together. In case you missed it, the beef started back in December when Diddy decided to take matters into his own hands and put his hands on Drake in a Miami nightclub. The entire altercation, we later found out, was over the beat to ‘0 to 100’.  Yes, Diddy getting big and bad over a beat. -_- . Sir, rest yourself. Let the RAPPERS handle this. Anyway, the situation seemed to be escalating as Drake’s mentor/hip hop godfather/ protector J. Prince issued warning shots towards anyone interested in bringing harm or negativity to Drizzy Drake. In case you did not know, J. Prince is “bout it bout it”, no threats (warnings) are idle.

Now, the two have yet to physically be photographed or seen together but we have our eyes peeled and are ready for when they are.


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