Debi Mazar: “I lost a role to Katy Perry? I have no words..”

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48 year old actress Debi Mazar is no beginner in the acting world. She has played roles in films like Empire, Batman Forever, Goodfellas, and The Women, to name a few. Yet despite all of these parts under belt, imagine Mazar‘s disbelief when she learned that she lost out on a role to a newbie, Katy Perrywho has just begun serious acting.

Taking her moment of disbelief to twitter, Mazar posted this exact tweet:

deb_mazar_katyperrymovie-erica-vainBriefly after, Mazar corrected the assumed tone of her tweet by congratulating the actress for the upcoming role and giving us a sneak-peek on what the movie will be about.

Do you all think that Katy Perry could pull off playing an escort service owner?

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