Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” Album Review

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There has been so much hype over Daft Punk‘s new album, Random Access Memories, set to release May 21st that the album leaked May 13th all throughout the Internet. Daft Punk released a stream of the entire album on iTunes the day of the leak, which ceased anticipation as listeners were able to hear groovy tunes and jazzy melodies mixed with the iconic, electronic vibe of Daft Punk.


RAM is Daft Punk‘s fourth album since, Human After All, released in 2005. Though it has been an eight year hiatus, Daft Punk never left the studio composing and collaborating their music for their new album. One of their biggest collaborations on the album was their first single, “Get Lucky”, featuring Pharrell Williams in the vocals released worldwide April 19th. This single not only combines R&B melodies with an electronic, dance beat but it also combines a sense of a simplistic human voice to a complex, robotic vocal. On the album, Julian Casablancas, frontman of The Strokes, joins the robotic duo in the song, “Instant Crush”. The sweetness of Casablancas’ voice is slightly warped to groove with the electronic beat of the song. In addition, Panda Bear of Animal Collective collaborates with Daft Punk in the song, “Doin’ it Right”. This song contrasts the tired robots repeating, “Doin’ it right everybody will be dancing and be doing right, everybody will be dancing and be feeling alright,” with Panda Bear’s excited proclamation, “If you lose your way tonight, that’s how you know the magic’s right”. Overall the song highlights the heart and soul of humans versus the mechanics of robots.


Daft Punk innovates their sound throughout the rest of the album’s track list with and without collaboration. Songs like, “Within” , “Beyond”, and “The Game of Love” are ballads giving the voices of robots a sense of emotion and soul. Other songs like “Lose Yourself to Dance”, “Fragments of Time”, and “Touch” show off the influence music in the 1970s had on this album. Lastly,  “Giorgio by Moroder” and “Contact” both share a human voice speaking that would soon lead up to a collision with the legendary electronic beats Daft Punk is known for.

Daft Punk is being resurrected through Random Access Memories and this album is fresh, innovative, and something “mere humans” have never heard before. The album releases May 21st but has been streaming on iTunes, giving fans something new to listen to.

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