Courtney Cox is Engaged!

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Courtney Cox is Engaged!

We know Ed Sheeran is a talented musician and pal to a lot of other famous celebs, but you can add matchmaker to his list of talents now. After introducing Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid to Friends star Courtney Cox, the two have been spotted together for almost a year and are now engaged!

With one of the most adorable social media announcements ever, Cox tweeted a selfie of her and her man with: “I’m engaged to him!” The musician added to the cuteness with the same snap and: “I’m engaged to her!”

If that doesn’t give you the feels… Ed and Johnny_EricaVain

The Cougar Town star takes her role seriously. At 50, her soon-to-be hubby is 13 years younger than her. But he has a lot to offer in wisdom, work experience, and good looks. Not to mention, he’s from Ireland and has a heavy accent. Talk about dreamy.

This is round two for the actress, and ex-husband David Arquette’s approval was important to Cox. The two have remained friends, and he has said McDaid is “a great guy,” with a nod of approval.

Joining the actress’ new family is 10-year-old Coco from her first marriage.

Fellow Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who is engaged to Justin Theroux, could not be happier for her bestie. Both women plan to walk down the aisle, but haven’t revealed any details as to when.

Though there are rumors about both couples, a friend close to Cox claims the wedding may be sooner than we think. With Cox’s birthday bash just around the corner and her promise for a “big surprise,” one can only guess what that means. Plus, guests have been asked to dress nice—to wear white, even. Hmmm … Mysterious.

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  1. SuzanneK

    July 7, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    I am so happy for her!! I don’t think it matters if he is younger. Why should that matter? If you love them, it shouldn’t!

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