Chantelle Fraser Delves Into Entrepreneurship and Flawless Living

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Chantelle Fraser is a UK native and is making a name for herself as an entrepreneur and new member of Bravo TV’s “Blood, Sweat & Heels.” She has recently landed a role in off Broadway stage production of “Georgia-The Play.” Chantelle is the founder of Flawless NYC, a promotional company and agency for booking entertainment and talent for high-end events and brands. She’s a fashion and health lover who’s developing a new online lifestyle website,



Chantelle joined season 2 of “Blood, Sweat & Heels” this year, and she says the experience was great and enjoyable.

“It was very natural actually. I was very lucky because I was good friends with Geneva, and Daisy and Mike were both very welcoming to me so it was a really pleasant experience for me. Obviously there were a few conflicts but nothing I couldn’t handle. After getting used to having the cameras around it felt very natural. I was fully myself and I don’t regret anything. My conscious is very clean.”

She explained that she appeared on the reality TV show because the opportunity was presented to her. Viewing herself as a dynamic person, she likes to be in the space of opportunity. Thus she likes to be a yes person rather than a no person, so she did a cross benefits analysis and thought about the costs and benefits of being on the show.

“I get to showcase my business. America doesn’t really get to see how women from other parts of the diaspora are. On American television British black women are not very well represented. There’s a few but I can name them on one hand, the amount of black British TV personalities there are on American television so I definitely wanted to bring some more attention to black women from the diaspora and again showcase my business.”


She also stated that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. “I don’t have children, I’m not married, I consider myself to be an upstanding citizen. I’m not particularly aggressive so I wasn’t worried about my actions or behavior on the show.” She knew that she would present herself in a manner that wasn’t embarrassing to her family or people she cares about, or the black female brand which she’s very protective of.

Chantelle admits Geneva is her favorite cast member on “Blood, Sweat & Heels.” Geneva is a really good friend of Chantelle’s; she brought her onto the show, and she’s very loyal and supportive of Chantelle. She also defended her against criticisms that some of the girls brought forward about her. Chantelle did not outwardly say that Arzo was her least favorite but it’s no secret that two didn’t particularly get along with each other.

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Chantelle is obviously doing big things with her career. She’ll be featured in The Play “Georgia” and she admits that she’s nervous because it’s the first time she’s acted before. She gave us some background information on the play, which is about the topic of rape in relationships.

“It’s about a young girl who’s raped by her boyfriend and it’s considered to be a perceived gray area. I say perceived on purpose because I don’t believe it’s a perceived gray area but there are varying perspectives on whether it was rape or not. I play Georgia’s mother who is very unsympathetic of her situation and my perspective is one that I don’t actually believe that it was rape because they were in a relationship and she was in bed with him so my perspective is if you didn’t want to have sex with him you shouldn’t have been in bed with him.”

There are other perspectives in the play, like her friend who believes that rape is rape regardless of the situation. The play brings attention to a topic that Chantelle thinks a lot of women have experienced, this type of rape where it’s not from a stranger but from someone who’s considered to be a loved one.

“You just see all of the emotions she goes through dealing with the situation. It’s quite sad actually because all the cast were talking about this and everyone of us know women who have been in this situation where they’ve had this experience with someone who they presumed to be a boyfriend or a friend and they’ve not gone to the police because they didn’t necessarily think that they were raped. It’s definitely thought provoking so I’m happy to be involved with a play with a strong social message and just get the conversation going. Even if it helps one woman who has been in this situation just come out and go to the police and realize that she was in a situation where she was violated rather than blaming herself. It’s a very heavy topic but the play itself is very lighthearted.”

As a woman who’s never acted before, Chantelle discussed how the opportunity to act in the play came about. She met the producer and he suggested that he wanted a woman with an accent in his play and he suggested that she read a piece of the play. She was a little unsure. “It’s one thing doing movies or films because you can always go back because there’s an editing process but when it comes to live theater it takes a lot of skill because there’s no edits, no reruns, you are live. It’s definitely very daunting.”


She decided to audition and she did so in a Jamaican accent and was given the part. As someone who is always in a space of opportunity, she said yes to the opportunity.

“My motto is even if I’m scared I always try to face my fear. One of the statements that I live by is that ‘fear is the number one saboteur of success.’ Whenever I feel that fear like when I auditioned for the role I was like oh my God this is so out of my comfort zone. I’m an entrepreneur, I sit in an office all day, I have never acted before, and I’m terrified. In my mind I was like I don’t want to do this but I thought, you know what, this is the time for me, when I feel this I have to face my fear. I’m really glad that I’m doing this because I’m pushing my boundaries and that’s exciting to me.”

Acting was actually not a career goal for Chantelle. She never even thought it’d be on her trajectory. This is completely new for her but she claims this is the kind of thing that happens when you’re in a space of opportunity. Chantelle did act in high school an it was her favorite subject.

Being on reality TV is quite different from acting on stage. Chantelle says transitioning from one to the other was hard.

“With reality TV I’m just being myself and living my life freely. It’s challenging obviously putting yourself out there, putting your flaws and all out there to the world. This is a craft that you have to hone and with practice I have improved leaps and bounds and I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in this short couple of months from the person I was when I first started where I could barely memorize a line to who I am now. I live my life fluently, I mastered my Jamaican accent. It’s a learning experience, it’s a process but I’m enjoying it.”

Chantelle was inspired to become an entrepreneur because she always wanted to be the architect of her own life. She didn’t want anyone else defining who she was, who she could be. That was her main inspiration, to be the architect, to be in creation. “I’m all about creating things. I started Flawless from my bedroom and have a vision and it grew from there. I like to build things from seeds and watch them flourish and grow. Also it’s great working with a team that share your vision and just growing something together organically.”

The one person that really inspires Chantelle is no longer alive, but she’s a real inspirational character person for her. Reading about her life story and all the things she’s accomplished was a great inspiration to her. That was Madame CJ Walker.


“She said that she never wanted to let her circumstances dictate her future, and the fact that this woman said that she no longer wanted to be in that position and created a whole empire in a time of adverse sexism, racism, just hard times for women in general. Someone who wasn’t educated, wasn’t particularly literate, and the fact that she took her life into her own hands and was able to do all that with so little immediate opportunities to me is a great inspiration. To me, if someone like Madam CJ Walker can triumph in that time then we all can with no excuse.”

When Chantelle finds free time she enjoys working out and is currently obsessed with Barry’s boot camp. It’s a really high intensity, high level one hour workout where she does half an hour of treadmill training, sprinting on the treadmill, then she does interval training with weights. She loves to try different workouts. One day she hosted a stiletto workout where the group worked out in high heels which is “really fun.” She also likes the theater and hanging out with her dog, Milkshake. They go for a lot of walks in Central Park. Milkshake is the light of her life.

Chantelle’s website, Flawless-Living, was inspired by her life.

“My goal has always been to exist in my highest plane. I believe that you can be your basic self, your intermediate self, and you can be your highest self. Flawless-Living is my personal philosophy for success. The Flawless philosophy is not really focused on superficial values, it’s about being the architect of your own life and setting your life up for optimal success. The website is designed as a self improvement platform that focuses on health, fitness, beauty, love, style and career. I just believe that we should always loving and trying new experiences.”

What’s next for Chantelle?

She would like to start adding products to her Flawless-Living brand. She’s really into health and wellness so as an extension of her brand, she’d like to add health products. “I would love to have my line of Himalayan pink salts, which is a very healthy salt that is better than table salt. Table salt has so much sodium and a lot of people in our community are dying from high blood pressure and heart disease. I would love to do something that impacts our community with healthy living.”

Stay connected with Chantelle:

Instagram: chantelle.fraser

Twitter: chantyfraser

Facebook fan page: Chantelle Fraser



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