Celebs Sport the Stars and Stripes for World Cup

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Celebs Sport the Stars and Stripes for World Cup

While the athletes of the 2014 World Cup compete, celebrities are finding creative ways to show their patriotism, posting photos on Instagram and Twitter in support of the red, white, and blue.


Jessica Biel posted a little taste of her and Justin Timberlake’s viewing party snacks, complete with mini American flag. She added a selfie too, sporting a hat covered in stars and stripes. What I wouldn’t give to watch a little footy with those two.

Leonardo DiCaprio rented a luxury yaught for the occasion, taking some style points from Gatsby himself. While The Wolf of Wall Street star is doing his best to blend in with the crowd, sailing around on the fifth largest personal boat in the world might give his identity away. Let’s just hope there aren’t any icebergs around.

Titanic jokes… gotta love ‘em.

Meanwhile, Fergie’s favorite boys win for the most adorable Instagram picture ever. Josh Duhamel and son Axl showed some American pride with their very own red, white and blue jerseys. They look absolutely fergalicious, making the Black Eyed Peas’ leading lady a very lucky woman.will ferrell_EricaVain

But Will Ferrell wins for most patriotic, giving a halftime speech during the Germany game. He even offered to “bite every German player” if he has to, which wouldn’t be the first malicious biting of the competition, by the way. Ferrell definitely rallied some spirit with the American supporters, though Germany ultimately came out victorious.

Fortunately, USA has advanced to the final sixteen, where the team will take on Belgium Tuesday at 4pm EST on ESPN.





  1. Emily Kong

    July 1, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Josh Duhamel and Axl are the winners, they’re adorable

  2. SuzanneK

    July 7, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Oh my gosh! Priceless photo

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