Brandy Sings on NYC Subway and Covers Uptown Magazine #TheNextBrandy #Yassssssss

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It is no secret I LOVE BRANDY. That should be 1000% clear by now, so when I discovered she was riding the NYC subway giving out impromptu concerts and decided to SLAY in CHIC Realness on the cover of Uptown Magazine I had to post about it.  So here is the skinny:

Brandy is still in NYC (til Aug 2nd) on Broadway as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO. If you haven’t already you need to get there and see her. The performance is absolutely incredible. Recently she decided to skip the car service and hop the train to her show. Traveling by NYC subway was obviously a first but that didn’t stop her from sharing her incredible voice with the other riders. However, those fools (sorry but I have to call you fools) could not decipher that the angelic voice filling their car was thee one and only Brandy Norwood aka Moesha aka The Vocal Bible aka Chardonnay Pitts aka EVERYTHING!

Peep the clip:

Now on to some folks who are very aware of Brandy’s Icon Status, Uptown Magazine. Brandy graces the cover giving NYC glitz and glam realness!











“I have never seen this Brandy before, I am just meeting her,” Brandy Norwood says firmly. She is speaking in third person, but it’s not in the obnoxious fashion one might expect from a celebrity of her stature. She has achieved a remarkable career: 20 years of acting, singing, dancing, modeling and more. In an Insta-era where “icon” status is easily attainable with the borrowing of a Léger dress and the purchasing of a booty to match—Brandy is certainly deserving of what the title once meant. But, shockingly, despite her enviable resume, the superstar feels as if she is only now discovering who she is. “I know exactly who I am now and what I’m supposed to do,” she says with a determined stare. “I know my purpose.”


“I don’t view myself as a celebrity. It’s all about the intention,” Brandy says as she takes a bite of the grilled salmon salad she’s ordered for lunch. (She eats very clean, and several times a day, along with those daily workouts). “It’s not about me. I thought that it was before. But, now I know that it is about other people. Who else could it be about?” It could easily be all about her. She has received glowing reviews for her performance in Chicago, which was revived in 1996 and is now the longest running American musical in Broadway history. “[Brandy] has created a wonderful buzz [with] her knockout performance,” raved Logo’s NewNowNext and a bulk of the ticket sales are from fans flying in from around the country and abroad to see her interpretation of the legendary role. However, a funny thing happened to this ingénue on the way to the stage.



“I stepped into something that I was born to do and I didn’t know it. I walked on the stage and my entire life reawakened,” says the Grammy winner. She found acclaim, but also realized there is a power provided by the applause: the ability to help those clapping. “It’s about making people feel good about themselves and helping people dream,” Brandy says. “The vain stuff, like the pictures I took for this magazine and being in shows, I love! But it is all just the polish. I’m not a celebrity. A star guides. There is a difference.”



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