Being Mary Jane Moves to New York | Season 4 Episode 1 #BeingMaryJane

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Being Mary Jane is finally back and its a new year and “supposedly” new her. Mary Jane has a new New York correspondent job, a matchmaker (on retainer) and laser like focus on happiness. How could anything go left, right?

The Start

The episode starts with a flash forward to MJ bringing “home” a guy who we later find out is a one night stand. A guy there to get sex out of her system before starting her celibacy pack. Her matchmaker is making that a rule. MJ picked up the London transplant at a comedy club while out with Kara, who also moved to NYC.  Mr Lee (London dude) turns out to be everything but a one night stand. 

Even in a new city Mary Jane is needy and insecure asking the dude to tell her he loves her before they can sleep together. Yes, the one night stand!

The Tea

Mary Jane is in the big apple after resigning from SNC over her Niecey and police brutality stance.  Mary Jane went from exposing white privilege and declaring her ugly blackness to interviewing rappers and fans. No tea no shade her interview was with Dave East and before this show I had no idea who he was. He handled the cameo well. (goes to download Dave East music)

The underlying theme of the first episode is Mary Jane getting into the anchor chair. For some reason after watching a second time I feel the whole thing is a setup. Rhonda (current black female anchor) confronts Mary Jane after a meeting with the shows EP. Rhonda lays out Garrett has no plans of moving her up but pitting the two black female stars against each other. Yet, its hard to trust what she is saying just like you can believe the hints dropped by her stylist or Garret. The big question is why go through all this drama? Ratings? Really?


The show doesn’t just seem new it feels different. Scenes are shot with more darkness, contrast and shadows. Tight shots punctuate many of the questionable, confrontational and down right “girl damn” moments. Mara Brock Akil and Akil Productions stepped away from the series after last season to pursue new opportunities on network television. Now Being Mary Jane is run by Erica Shelton and executive produced by Will Packer. 

Episode One was pretty confusing for me.  But that is because I am slow to process the change in direction and the amount of newness. There is so much change when it comes to story, look, feel and delivery. The episode was not bad however it was not a complete home run as expected after the phenomenal season 3 finale.


Being Mary Jane premieres new episodes every Tuesday night at 9pm EST on BET! Post a comment below on the show or tweet me your thoughts! @EricaVain

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