Ballerina Misty Copeland Girl-Powered Commercial

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misty copelandBallerina Misty Copeland Girl-Powered Commercial

Under Armour has unveiled its new commercial for their new line. The slogan is “I will what I want.” That is exactly what Misty Copeland shows, Being only one of three of African-American women to be an American Ballet Theater Soloist. She had defeated a lot of adversity and shown that through persistence, anything is possible. From a young age, Misty had the odds against her. Starting to practice ballet from the age of thirteen, when most girls typically started years younger than that. She also faced criticism about her body type. In addition to all that, she faced battles with her parents and teachers and still she did not let that stop her from her dream. In this very moving commercial, Misty is seen on stage and then as a song plays a letter of rejection is being read and coincidentally it matches the struggles Misty went through when becoming a ballerina. All while she dances beautifully, truly showing why she is ranked as one of the best ballerinas. This is definitely a strong message to show girls to never let anything or anyone stop you from chasing your dream and believing you can do it if you try hard enough!


Misty Copeland’s Commercial

-Christina Guptar

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