Andre Drops a Family Bomb! Empire Season 2 Episode 15

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WOAH! Did that really just happen on Empire? Did Lucious and the reporter almost hook up? Is Cookie really letting her emotions towards Lucious affect her judgement? Most importantly, did Andre just drop a bomb and prove that Lucious’ mother is alive?

Too many questions that we have and with only two episodes left in the season, I don’t know if they will all be answered; but let’s recap anyways and see if we can figure exactly what went down in Wednesday night’s episode.empire-episode-15

Starting with Hakeem, he was turning up a little too much in the strip club and going back to his old ways. Laura finally finds him drunk and disoriented. He tells her that Anika is pregnant and with no surprise she slaps him and storms out. Sometimes it’s hard to take her character serious, because she seems so innocent, so it was nice to her stand her ground at least in that moment.

Later, we can tell that Cookie isn’t too pleased with Lucious’ new companion Harper Scott (Annie llonzeh) and continues to throw major shade her way. Of course since she is a reporter and he is Lucious Lyon, it’s all just business, right? Wrong! Lucious tells Cookie that she needs to get her emotions in check and as much as we hate the way Lucious acts, I think he might have a point. Fans love Cookie, but we definitely need her on her “A game” at all times and Lucious might end up being her kryptonite. She does her best to put forth a strong family front and right now her big challenge is keeping Lucious and Jamal at peace. Unfortunately, Lucious can’t help but stay at war with everyone, but Jamal has a new/old distraction back in his life.

Michael is back! We always loved them together and it looks like Jamal is willing to give him a second chance. While catering for the fundraiser Lucious and Andre are throwing in support of those with bipolar disease, Michael runs into Jamal and they decide to go talk and catch up. They end up at the first place Jamal ever performed live. Can we just discuss how amazing Jamal sounded on stage? He always does, but this last minute powerful performance was amazing! Jamal has never been one to let the fame or the power of his family name go to his head and that’s why we love him.

Wait! Did we just witness a moment of friendship between Anika and Cookie? This was the only episode where for a brief moment I forgot Anika was the one who pushed Rhonda down the stairs. Now I know we didn’t see the persons face, but we all know it was her. The complications she faced in Wednesday night’s episode made us feel a little bad for her, but then we remembered she’s crazy. Is it just me or does anyone else think it was mysterious how Anika got sick not too long after Lucious threatened her? Cookie came to her aid and rode with her to the hospital where Anika’s mom is not the biggest fan of the Lyon family.

EMPIRE: Guest star Jamila Velazquez in the "More Than Kin" episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOXWe’re back to Hakeem, after attempting to step up as a father, Laura was so close to forgiving him, but in the end she calls off the engagement. Also, the board doesn’t just want Lucious, they want Lucious and Cookie. She deserves it, but I wonder if Lucious is as genuine as he’s leading on; most likely not.

Finally, we can get to the good stuff! Not only was Lucious and Harper caught up in the middle of a sexy weird dominant and submissive situation when they were interrupted by Cookie, but Andre just brought Lucious’ past to the front door. Strange, because we thought his past was buried at the cemetery he took Andre to in the last episode. (Insert jaw dropping emoji)

In next week’s episode, we see the Empire unfold as Lucious’ mother returns and he clearly has a lot of explaining to do. Stay tuned Empire fans.


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