After 6 years Ashton Files For Divorce

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Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I mean there was the couger spill so who wouldn’t expect a break up let alone a divorce. Clearly why,  for many the seperation 2yrs ago was long expected. So imagine the suprise they actually made it this far.

I must say though, even through all the doubt and negativity their relationship grew on me, they were great together and it seemed that they were genuinely happy and in love. It was at that moment I realized they could seriously make it longer than the typical celebrity/couger relationship. So my question is WHY?!?! Don’t get me wrong it happens, no relationship is perfect or meant to last a life time no matter how much we want it to. It just seems to me Ashton wouldn’t be the one calling it quits after what was so publically displayed as him being the one to rekindle the lost love in the first place, even when Demi seemed to be done. Demi was spotted dropping it like its hott at Art basel. SO WHY NOW ASHTON?!

Wandering minds wants to know.


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