A Look Back at Memorial Day Weekend 2012: How Celebs Celebrated

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Even celebrities need a little down time–just like us, they’re all about beaches, pool, BBQs and celebrations. Some even use this downtime to relax and have some quality time with a significant other, or even go to a concert or two!

The long Memorial Day weekend of 2012 gave some of our favorite celebrities a chance to take a break from their hectic schedules and unwind for three long, fun-filled, days. Let’s have a look back.

Celebrities like, singer Fergie spent her Memorial Day weekend in Cancun under the sunny weather in 2012, while others, like personal trainer, and bad-ass motivator Jillian Michaels, used this holiday weekend to spend time with her growing family. Michaels and adopted daughter Lukensia were spotted spending time and playing on the beaches of Malibu.


Glee’ star Dianna Agron was seen playing football on the beach at producer Joel Silver’s Memorial Day party, While ex-X Factor host Nicole Scherzinger went boating while in Monaco for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix during this weekend get away.

Looks like these celebrities have some fun near and in the water during these couple of days.

Aside from beaches and pools and the hot tropical weather, other socialites like American model and actress Olivia Palermo spent their Memorial weekend with her German model  boyfriend Johannes Huebl, enjoying personal time while biking riding around the New York City streets in Soho.

Adam Sandler, on the other hand, went for a bike ride with his family, towing his daughters Sadie and Sunny around sporting a sunhat.

Even though Memorial Day Weekend is ideally spent having fun under the sun with family or significant others, other celebrities enjoyed their weekends quite differently. Celebs like Kevin Hart, Jennifer Hudson and Christina Milian spent their Memorial Day weekends up in Atlantic city partying it up–some even going to support Beyonce make her return to the stage. Looks like these celebrities relax in their own way.

Jennifer Hudson was one of the many who hit up Beyonce‘s last concert that weekend at the Revel Resort and Casino  in Atlantic City, NJ.  She tweeted about her former costar, “Omg best memorial day ever ! Glad I spent it at @Revelresorts at queen B concert ! Flawless!!”  Looks like Beyonce put on a show even during what was meant to be her break. Nothing new! No breaks or vacations for her!

Elsewhere in Atlantic City, Christina Milian partied at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort with Kim Kardashian while Kevin Hart, who performed at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City Sunday night, got awarded the Key to the City by the city’s mayor, Lorenzo Langford and then later attended the Beyonce concert with his then-boo. He later on tweeted,

“I’m watching Beyonce perform and I am speechless right now……..her performance and production is amazing!!!! Woooooooow
Atlantic City nights with my RIB @Neekibaby.”

Like other celebrities, Hart spent his memorial day weekend accompanied by his significant other. How romantic!

Overall, 2012 Memorial Day Weekend of 2012 was spent having fun under the sun, with family,  and even in Atlantic City working and supporting other celebrity friends in concert.  We look forward to seeing how celebrities are spending their Memorial Day this year!

(Source: NY Daily News)

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