5 Things You May…Nay… Need to Know About Ansel Elgort

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5 Things You May…Nay… Need to Know About Ansel Elgort

You may recognize Ansel Elgort as the young star opposite Shailene Woodley in the movie, ‘Fault in Our Stars.’ Elgort plays Augustus Waters, a young man who has lost his leg in his battle with cancer and is the love interest of Woodley’s character, Hazel Grace Lancaster. Fans of the book have been bursting with excitement since the cast was announced in May 2013, and attention has since been focused on this twenty-year-old actor.

This is what most people know. But here are five things that VAIN readers know.

  1. He was once killed by a falling bucket.

His first movie gig was in Carrie (2013) as Tommy Ross, the jock who takes Carrie to Prom as a favor to his girlfriend and is named Prom King with Carrie as his Prom Queen. However, the bucket of pig’s blood that is spilled all over Carrie drops from the ceiling and onto Tommy’s head. His death is what sparks Carrie’s freak-out and I think you know the rest.

  1. He can cut a rug with Zac Efron

Before his film debut, Ansel Elgort modeled for his photographer father and for Teen Vogue in 2009 at the age of 15 and has worked alongside Cara Delevingne in Vogue photo-shoots. He also attended LaGuardia High School in NYC, also known as the Fame school and was perpetually involved in plays like the stage musical, ‘Hairspray.’ Yes, he was Link Larkin. I would take out another college loan if I could see Ansel and Zac have a Link Larkin dance battle.

  1. He is a DJ and his stage name is the greatest cross between Ansel and Han Solo that this world has ever seen.

Ansel released his first album, ‘Unite,’ in April under his stage name, Ansolo, and often performs his own remixes in clubs. Anself describes his music as progressive, clubby, and groovy, with a bit of a tribal feel to it.

  1. He works with Professor Trelawney, Elektra, and Cherlene from Archer Vice on a daily basis.

Ansel Elgort just finished filming a new comedy, ‘Men, Women, and Children.’ According to IMDB, the film is “a look at the sexual frustrations that young teenagers and adults face in today’s world.” While this seems like a theme that has repeated itself multiple times, this movie is packed with big stars, such as Adam Sandler, Judy Greer, Emma Thompson, and Jennifer Garner. If IMDB is to be trusted, Ansel is the star of this movie, so it would be interesting to see how well he interacts with these veteran stars on-camera and off.

  1. He makes out with his sister in Fault in Our Stars

Sorry. That title is how rumors are spread. After ‘Carrie,’ he was cast in the summer blockbuster, ‘Divergent,’ as Caleb Prior, the younger brother of Shailene Woodley’s character, Beatrice Prior. While they were shooting ‘Divergent,’ Ansel read for the part of Woodley’s love interest, Augustus Waters. By then, Woodley was committed to the role and she informed Elgort on the ‘Divergent,’ set the next day that his reading was the best. Both actors have said that working together on ‘Divergent,’ helped them form a bond that manifests itself in ‘Fault in Our Stars,’ and if they had not known each other prior to filming the latter, the chemistry would not have been as real.

Ansel Elgort is rapidly headed for stardom with his performances in his two big novel-to-screen adaptations. He already appeals to many viewers because of his authentic portrayal of book characters. His varied interests in other areas of entertainment also gives Ansel Elgort many options to explore. Could we perhaps see Elgort in a musical, or a dance movie? Will he return to plays or perhaps move on to Broadway shows or even bigger movies? Will the Link Larkin dance battle actually happen? What ever the future of his career may be, congratulations to Ansel Elgort! Fault in Our Stars made $48.2 million opening weekend.

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