5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Could Sing

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Rob Pat_EricaVain

5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Could Sing

Hollywood is full of crazy-talented actors and actresses. A lot of them are double threats, too, showing off killer voices on the big screen.

But some stars are a little more modest about their musical abilities. Here, we will unveil the previously hidden talents of 5 of our favorite celebs. You might be surprised who made the list!

 Ansel Elgort_EricaVain

1. Ansel Elgort

With one Instagram post, the Fault in Our Stars heartthrob sent shivers down the spines of Anselites all over the world. Though he’s known as Ansolo in the music industry because of his electronic dance music interests and DJ skills, what he hasn’t revealed is his absolutely amazing singing voice.

Though the Insta vid he posted last week lasts only a few seconds, it’s the best moments you’ll spend today. What can this guy not do?


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  1. Emily Kong

    July 22, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    wow, some of these were shocking! Sarah Hyland? wow

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