10 Vines Of Folks Who Can’t Handle It

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10 Vines Of Folks Who Can’t Handle It


A Quick Rundown of People Turnt, Scared, Or Worse– Spazzing Out Big Time, in 30 Second Or Less

1.) This lil dude down In South Beath at a Miami Marlins game can’t handle being on jumbotron . Ladies don’t suprised if you find yourself throwing 10s,20, & 50s at him one day

2.) LMAO They Made the Band Teacher Go Off!!!


4.) She Ain’t Playing No Games


5.)  That Moment When You Know You Scared of Dogs




6.) When Your Best Friend Gets a little to Comfy in The Car



7.) When Dez Bryant couldn’t handle not getting an invite to the Halloween Party . Maybe he can ask his boy Tony Romo why they not getting an invite to the playoffs , hmm I wonder?



8.) A Little Too Turnt



9.) When Stubborn Girls Be Like….


10.) Brazilian Fans After World Cup Lost



Why Not!


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  1. Emily Kong

    July 22, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    crying from laughing so hard. poor folks!

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