6 Things Ming Lee Can Do To Celebrate Rick Ross Birthday

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ross2Every now and then we like to have a lil fun around the VAIN HQ and talk about what we would like to see happen in celebrities lives. So today in celebration of the Boss Rick Ross’ Birthday we came up with 6 Things Ming Lee Can Do to Celebrate Rick Ross’ Birthday. Get into this dope list!

January Cover Stars: Nicole Kidman, Ryan Guzman, Erica Mena, Chris Hemsworth and More..

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January-Cover-StarsAs you all know I am obsessed with magazines and an amazing cover photo is liable to make me fan out at any moment, anywhere… Don’t judge me. This month (January Cover Stars) there were quite a few covers I love and even more importantly, some great things discussed by cover stars in their cover stories. Whether it’s Nicki Minaj talking the many facets of All Women in Complex or Cameron Diaz breaking down the importance of finding a partner “in the same place you are [in life]” or even Ryan Guzman vowing to never get “Hollywood” even with a major motion picture opposite Jennifer Lopez under his belt. Get into the sexy that is Cameron Diaz, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Union, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, Erica Mena, Ryan Guzman, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and Madonna in a few of my favorite magazines like Elle, GQ, Nylon and more. Don’t forget to pin, tweet and share your favorites from this list!

Hollywood’s Golden Night: Golden Globes 2015

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JenniferLopez_GoldenGlobesWell, the 2015 awards show season has arrived.  On Sunday, January 11 we got our first taste of high fashion and acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes 2015.  From George Clooney and his wife, Amal, to Julianne Moore to Prince it seemed as though majority of Hollywood’s royalty decided to make an appearance.  The whole show went off without a hitch and the most talented actors, actresses, and directors left with huge honors.

The Red Carpet dazzled with lots and lots of gorgeous high-end designer gowns.  Some of the most gorgeous fashions were showcased on some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Jennifer Lopez, for instance, looked absolutely stunning in a Zuhair Murad silver kaftan-style gown which accentuated all of her curves.  Only J-Lo’s body could look that hot in that much material.

Liam Neeson: A Badass Force To Be Reckoned With

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It is easy to understand why Liam Neeson has been nominated for some of the entertainment industry’s most coveted awards.  He has nearly 40 years of experience in the film industry, and began acting on stage at the age of 11.  He towers over many of the people he works with at 6’4″, making him perfect for the powerful, disturbed characters he portrays.

He was born William John Neeson in 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, U.K., to working class parents.  At 11 years old Neeson performed the lead role in his school play, which jump-starting his love for acting.  He’s also quite book-smart, as he ended up spending his college years studying physics and computer science at Queen’s University Belfast.

He then left school, working various jobs before diving back into the theatre world, and in 1977 landed his first film role as Jesus Christ and Evangelist in Pilgrim’s Centre.  He gained more experience over the next two decades with small roles in multiple films, and in 1993 Neeson landed the role of a lifetime as Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List.  His role as Oskar Schindler earned him an Oscar nod for Best Actor In a Leading Role as well as a Golden Globe nod for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama.


The death of his wife of 15 years, Natasha Richardson, who suffered a freak skiing accident in 2009, brought a new perspective to Neeson’s life. He was left to raise their two children, making fatherhood even more of a priority than it already was. Now that his two sons are 17 and 18 years old, Neeson really has his work cut out for him as they transition into adulthood.


When asked what the hardest part about being a single father was, Neeson said in an April 2014 GQ article, “Um, I can’t answer that. It’s still just a day-to-day thing, you know? My boys are teenagers. They’re experimenting.”

His wife’s devastating death happened just one year after audiences were taken by storm with the popular movie franchise, Taken.  As a former CIA-operative Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, must dedicate his time to frantically searching in France for his recently-kidnapped daughter. Then, in October 2012, Neeson returned to the big screen in Taken 2. Once again, as Bryan Mills, Neeson must make an attempt to save his loved one. This time around, however, his ex-wife, Lenore, is the one taken by a group of thugs who make an attempt to murder her. Bryan Mills heroically saves the day. Neeson’s fans will have a third chance to see him take on a gang of mobsters in a few short weeks; January 9, to be exact. Taken 3 will follow Bryan Mills once again, but this time he frantically evades his enemies after being set up to look like he committed a horrific murder. Taken 3 will easily be one of the best action thrillers of 2015.

So, 2015 looks to be the year of Neeson with five new films scheduled to hit theaters. If you’re not a fan yet, there’s no doubt you will be.

Exclusive Interview: Jessie T Usher Talks ‘Survivors Remorse’ Great Story, Cast and More

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Jessie T Usher Talks 'Survivors Remorse'-Erica-VainSurvivors Remorse on Starz is my new favorite binge worthy show, so it should be no surprise that I had to catch up with its star, Jessie T. Usher who plays Cam Calloway. Cam is a professional basketball player drafted in a major deal to Atlanta’s basketball team. Cam is seemingly the Lebron James of the league as brands, teams and more glamour for their piece of the young phenom. Aside from the electrifying story, you can’t help but get drawn into each actor who plays the characters of the Calloways. Jessie’s clear focus, fresh and fun nature shines right through Cam. Check out what Jessie had to say about this pivotal role and dope cast.

What was it like working with such an amazing ensemble cast. 

“It is humbling, that is for sure. At the same time there is an indirect amount of pressure from working with these guys. They are all so nurturing. They all want to help and to share their knowledge to

KATLYNN SIMONE Releases New Single ‘Dancing With My Girls’

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Tell us about your new single “Dancing with My Girls”

It’s a fun song. I think it’s a girls anthem kind of song, but it has this banging beat that may have guys nodding their heads as well!!

What has been up in life? Last year we caught up with you while you were promoting “Beautiful Lie” btw we STILL love that song!

Thank you so much for the love! “Beautiful Lie” means a lot to me. It’s my first single, so it is special to me. I’ve been working with a great team and I feel that we are really putting together some great music, that everyone can relate to. I’m growing up and learning alot. I’m focused on growing as a complete well rounded artist.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in ‘Beyond the Lights’ is Beyond Brilliant

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The Official VAIN Review of the Movie “Beyond the Lights” by Gina Prince-Bythewood 

Stuck. Suffocating. Cold. The very real feelings when you are consumed with the loneliness of the world. Every where you turn their are images, sounds even spectacles vying for a few more seconds of your attention. Who am I to talk though, that is what I am doing in hoping that you take moments out of your day to read my blog, magazine or twitter feed. Oh, for ten more likes or fifty more followers.DSC_1710.NEF beyond-the-lights-movie-review-erica-vain5 What in this world is actually fighting to hear you, to see you. Nothing. We have built this society on selling, consumption and the American ideal of success and no where in those ideals are actual people. Left out are the souls that move a nation, the mouths that speak a voice of truth, love and power or the personalities as different as they are many. Lonely are those that have a mouth full of conversation in the middle of the party that no one can be bothered to listen to. I know this feeling. It’s a sinking sense of doubt. A pregnant pause of self-pity that plays in your head over and over again. The flush of fear that washes up inside of you as readily and powerful as the ocean against the shore. Why can’t people hear me? Why don’t they listen? Can anyone even see me?


Lucky for me I began to explore these feelings, thoughts and beyond-the-lights-movie-review-erica-vain7norms early on in my adulthood. I have been and hope to still be able to build confidence in myself, my voice and my dreams. I find resolve in knowing at the end of the day, I must only do whats best for me in the moment. And by best for me, I mean truly best — as in good for the soul, moral, love filled and God pleasing — for me. That much can not be said for Noni Jean played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in “Beyond the Lights”. Noni is a successful pop star on the break of hitting the music success stratosphere who feels confined in a life, image and body that is no longer her own. She is so gravely affected by her situation, which many view as simply success, that she attempts to take her own life. Just before she is able to “end it all” a handsome, strong and morally sound cop, Kazaam “Kaz” Nicol